Meeting Minutes

May 2016 Meeting Minutes

Indian Springs Village Association (ISVA)

Monthly Board Meeting, May 10, 2016

The Woodlands Township Offices, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd.



Board Members: Mike Arendes, Bev Wallery, Matt Pounders, Michael Saucier, Jim Merritt, Richie Spurlock,  Shanna Davis, Matt Nichols, Alan Neely, Richard Stromatt, Carol Stromatt, Erica Pratt, Tom Brown

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office: Deputy Jason Hopper

The Woodlands Township: John Osborne

Call to Order: 7:04pm  Mike Arendes called the meeting to order.  

Law Enforcement Report – Deputy Jason Hopper gave a crime prevention report.

Secretary’s Report: Bev Wallery – Minutes from April are on the website.   Mike Arendes motioned to approve the minutes; Erica Pratt seconded. All approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Ken Schumann was not present but forwarded the budget to the board before the meeting. Most of the checks for scholarship were sent to the Universities.

Woodlands Township Report: John Osborne.  John provided the summary from The  Township BOD meeting and a list of upcoming activities and dates. Next week, the week of May 10th, is Police Week so thank your local police officer. Good Neighbor Day at Fire Station #8 is on June 11th. Neighborhood Night Out is in August 2nd.  

Old/Recurring Business:

Parks & Recreation Advisory Council: Michael Saucier.  No meeting last week.

Magazine Article: Kelly Sharer was not present.

RDRC: Richard Stromatt – The only issue this month was a home that was repainted without approval of the new color.

Taste of the Village:  John Osborne will help arrange for the various services to visit the event, such as ambulance, fire truck, etc. Bev Wallery will submit the permits for the event and for signage.  

New Business:

Fourth of July Parade:  The theme this year is American Music. Richard Stromatt asked for volunteers to help pull the float together.  Erica Pratt will contact John Cooper.

 Other Issues:

A DSC Public meeting tomorrow  (5/11/16 6:30pm) regarding the short term rentals in The Woodlands.

The Woodlands Prep school was sold last year and the new owner has invested over $20 million into the school. It is also becoming a boarding school. Open House 2-4 on Thurs 5/12/16.

At  7:44pm, Mike Arendes motioned to adjourn the meeting; Matt Pounders seconded.

Next Meeting: June 14, 2016 at 7:00 pm at The Town Hall building public meeting space.

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