Meeting Minutes

September 2016 Meeting Minutes

Indian Springs Village Association (ISVA)

Monthly Board Meeting, September 13, 2016

The Woodlands Township Offices, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd.



Board Members: Mike Arendes, Kelly Sharer, Jim Merritt, Richie Spurlock, Shanna Davis, Bev Wallery, Russ Heinen, Richard Stromatt, Alan Neely, Tom Brown, Ken Schumann, Carol Stromatt

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office: Deputy Jason Hopper

The Woodlands Township: Ann Snyder, Mike Bass, John Osborne

Call to Order: 7:02 p.m.  Mike Arendes called the meeting to order.  

Law Enforcement Report: Deputy Jason Hopper gave a crime prevention report, including an analysis of burglaries of motor vehicles. 43% of the vehicles that were burglarized were unlocked. Indian Springs had 12 vehicles burglarized in the first half of 2016, 6 of which were in the Trader Joes/24 hour fitness shopping center parking lot. Deputy Hopper has seen a trend of “smash and grab” burglaries so he reminded everyone to remove any items of value from their cars.

Elected Officials and Candidates: Ann Snyder, Board member of The Woodlands Township, spoke to the group regarding several current issues.

-       The Woodlands Wildflower Festival is coming soon at Town Green Park.

-       Township elections are in November.  Nine people are running for 4 positions. Please vote.  

-       After receiving several complaints regarding the upkeep of the common areas, the Township has contracted with a second company to help out until they are caught up.

-        First Choice is moving from Sterling Ridge to Indian Springs.

-       2017 Tax rate will be set 9/14/16.

-       The Pedestrian and Bike Plan is open to public comment. Information is on the township’s website.

-       The drainage task force will meet again 10/11/16. Please let the township know if you or your neighborhood has drainage issues.

-       Trace Creek park equipment will be installed in December.

-        Wild hogs are tearing up yards near the preserve. The development to is setting additional traps.

-       Kuykendahl bridge expansion - Texas Sterling was the low bidder. The RUDs will meet soon and the project will  take several months once started.

Mike Bass – Mike discussed the Township budget for next year and mentioned that he is running for a 3rd term in the upcoming election and asked for our support.

Secretary’s Report: Bev Wallery thanked Erika Pratt for taking notes last month in her absence. A draft of last month’s minutes is posted on the ISVA Web Page – Alan Neely motioned to approve the minutes for August; Richard Stromatt seconded. All approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Ken Schumann shared the current budget with the group. Tom Brown has been working with Ken and will be taking over the position of Treasurer. Richard Stromatt motioned to approve the budget, Mike Arendes seconded. All approved.

Woodlands Township Report: John Osborne.  John provided the summary from The Township meeting and highlighted the important items. First Responders (firemen and sheriff’s office) will play baseball on 10/22/16. CPR classes will be held for free at the Woodlands Emergency Training Center. Check the website for dates and times.

Old/Recurring Business:

Parks & Recreation Advisory Council: Michael Saucier provided a summary of the most recent meeting. Ken Schumann and Kelly Sharer are working on the pedestrian and bicycle path plan; they asked that residents read the proposals, ask questions, provide input and vote. Separately, Richard Stromatt mentioned that there are several areas where the trees are too close to the road and cover some road signs. Residents can use the Woodlands311 app, in addition to the website or a phone call, to report issues that need attention.

RDRC:  Richard Stromatt reported that there were several applicants but no issues to report. Jim Merritt reported that his group addressed about six applications with no issues.

Magazine Article: Kelly Sharer will submit an article for the ISVA for the November issue.

Taste of the Village: We have approximately 17 booths sold.  We’ve received our grant money from HEB as well as from Regency. The candidates for Township positions will not be allowed to have a booth at the event this year.

Spectrum will set up and tear down the tents.

Raffle: Prizes include an Amazon Echo; two $250 gift cards from HEB; gift cards from Amazing Lash, Orange Leaf, Double Daves, Pei Wei, Smiles by Burgess certificates, Radiance Spa certificates, two sets of 4 tickets for the Children’s Festival, two foursomes to play at The Woodlands Country Club. We have a Square so we can accept credit cards this year. Tickets are $5 per ticket and five tickets for $20. Alan Neely will continue to add prizes, including possibly an ipad.

Bev Wallery is working with the county and the participating restaurants to secure temporary food permits for the event.

Erika Pratt and Carol Stromatt will be face painting.

New Business:

Secretary - We will need a secretary to start the New Year as Bev Wallery’s term will expire and she has other commitments.

ISVA Website Management – Matt Pounders will begin work on enhancing and updating the ISVA website.

Elementary School Projects – Kelly Sharer said she will talk to Galatas to see what their needs are and Matt Pounders will be asked to contact Glen Loch elementary.

The ISVA will budget contributions toward needed projects.

Adjourned At  8:46pm, Mike Arendes motioned to adjourn the meeting; Bev Wallery seconded.

Next Meeting: October 11, 2016 at 7:00 pm at The Town Hall building public meeting space. 

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