Meeting Minutes

November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Indian Springs Village Association (ISVA)

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes 

November 8, 2016

The Woodlands Township Offices, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd.



Board Members: Mike Arendes, Kelly Sharer, Jim Merritt, Richie Spurlock, Shanna Davis, Erika Bondy Pratt, Tom Brown, Ken Schumann, Michael Saucier, Matt Ponders.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office: Deputy R. Salazar

The Woodlands Township: John Osborne

Conroe ISD (Independent School District): Dr. Don Stockton

Indian Spring Residents: James Parker and Tracy Shaun Underwood.

Call to Order:  We started the meeting with Alden Bridge Village Association at 7:04 p.m. to attend the presentation by Dr. Don Stockton, Conroe Independent School District. He talked about the schools, the programs, etc. Conroe ISD has now 59,755 students. He also said that Robotics is one of the programs now in schools, and a new building for the Robotics Department is being built in the Woodlands High School.

We moved to the Indian Spring meeting room, and at 7:49 p.m.  Mike Arendes called the meeting to order. 


Law Enforcement Report: Deputy Jason Hopper was absent at a Law Enforcement Seminar. Deputy R. Salazar was present to answer any questions and the board discussed many problems with him, mainly about traffic. Mike thanked him for coming.

Resident Issues and Comments: Tracy Shaun Underwood and some of her neighbors are concerned about the proposed parking lot of the Hindu Temple. They are worried that the cutting of the trees in the area and covering the ground with concrete will make the area flood when it rains. They will meet with the Township and the Temple representative to try to persuade them to use existing parking lots and use a shuttle, etc. Mike offered to talk to Mike Bass about it and Ken suggested they talk to MUD 60.

Secretary’s Report: Bev Wallery was absent. Erika Bondy Pratt took the minutes. A draft of last month’s minutes is posted on the ISVA Web Page. Tom Brown made the motion to approve October Minutes and Jim Merritt seconded. All agreed.

Treasurer’s Report: Ken Schumann sent the Treasurer’s report to everyone before the meeting. Tom Brown talked about the budget and Mike explained that they would have one more invoice to pay.


Woodlands Township Report: John Osborne.  John provided the summary from The Township meeting and highlighted the important items.

Neighborhood Services Report: John Osborne.

John provided the schedule of events for the next months.

Old/Recurring Business:

Parks & Recreation Advisory Council: Mike Saucier said the meeting was pushed to next week so he didn’t have a report for the Board.

RDRC:  nothing to report.

Magazine Article: Kelly Sharer will write something about the election this time.

Taste of the Village: was already discussed that some invoice is still pending.

New Business:

Secretary – We need someone to volunteer for the Secretary position starting January.

ISVA Website Management:  Matt Nichols will work on it. He and Dan will get together next week for that. Mike Saucier asked if it is known how many people actually look at the web page and Mike said he gets e-mails from people who do.

Flea Market: Mike thanked everybody who volunteered. Matt Pounders said he was accosted and also complained of the organization. Mike Saucier agreed with Matt that they were not very organized this time.

3R Bazaar: Erika will be at the 3R Bazaar and asked volunteers to help her. Nobody at the meeting volunteered.

Joint Resolution from Village Presidents: The joint resolution will be presented to the township. Mike will circulate the final draft for everyone to review. The board agreed with the move.

December Meeting: The December gathering will be at a home. We may buy the food at Villa Emilia again.

Holiday lights: Kelly informed us that volunteers could check the lights out from Dec. 9 to Dec. 11 and have the deciding meeting/drive on Monday 12th.  Winners will be announced as usual at the Christmas Meeting, this year Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Other issues:

*   Kelly made the motion to rewriting for the Community service scholarship under the eligibility, from “Plan to attend an institution of higher learning (2 or 4 year or vocational) in fall 2017” to:

“Plan to attend an institution of higher learning (2 or 4 year or vocational) in fall 2017 for the first time.” Shanna seconded and all agreed.

*   Glen Loch Elementary PTO sent a letter to request funds and also Gallatas Elementary.  Kelly made the motion to give $500.00 to each school and Erika seconded, all in favor.


Adjourned:  Mike motioned to adjourn at 8:51 p.m. Matt seconded. All agreed.

Next Meeting: Holiday Party December 13, 2016 at 7:00 pm - location to be announced.

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