Meeting Minutes

May 2018

Indian Springs Village Association (ISVA) 
Monthly Board Meeting May 8th, 2018
The Woodlands Township Offices, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd.



Board Members: Alan Neely, Mike Arendes, Richie Spurlock, Kelly Sharer, Shanna Davis, Ken Schumann, Carol Stromatt, Richard Stromatt, Matt Pounders, Russell Heinen, Erika Bondy Pratt, John Osborne and Michael Saucier.

Call to Order: 7:01 p.m. Indian Springs acting President Michael Arendes called the meeting to order.

Law Enforcement Report: Sherriff Brady Fitzgerald - Overall The Woodlands numbers are down across the board from last year … burglary of homes, burglary of vehicles, traffic stops and calls for service … except for dwi’s those are up. Sherriff Brady indicated that cars, trucks and BIKES share the road including regulations (stopping at stop signs and not blowing thru them).

Elected Official- Carol Stromatt encouraged people to attend the Township Meeting next one is on May 23rd @ 6:00pm at the Township Conference Center.

Secretary’s Report: Richard Stromatt motion to approve the April minutes and Erika Bondy Pratt seconded and all agreed.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom Brown –was absent but reported there was no activity for the month of April.

The Woodlands Township: John Osborne- June 9th Emergency Preparedness here at the Conference Center. Public Safety Open House June 23rd at Station 8.

Old / Recurring Business

  • Parks & Recreation Advisory Council update- Michael Saucier- Pools open on Saturday. New pool at Bear Brach is moving along. All old play structures that are being removed is being donated in third world countries. Adventure Course is still in the planning stages.
  • RDRC update – Russell Heinen/Shanna Davis - Nothing was on the agenda.
  • Woodlands Magazine articles- Michael Saucier. Open for ideas …. Julie Lumen article. Kelly Sharer suggested maybe a Scout write up for Troop 204 Monarch Butterfly Arboretum at Reedy Pond.
  • Taste of the Village- Michael Arendes wanted to know by June from HEB if they will be an anchor sponsor.  
  • ISVA Website – Looking for volunteers to help of updating the website. Erika Pratt volunteered to update.

New Business

  • Service Agreement – From the Township…need to get the budget then will turn the form.
  • Other Issues – Kelly Sharer and Michel Arendes asked that the profile piece of our village for The Villager.
  • Other Issues- Richard Stromatt – Stated that the WJPA is studying drainage improvements within the Panther Creek /Panther Branch Floodways which may include the construction of a 60’ wide drainage swale having a 40’ bottom with 5’ to 1‘ Side Slope and varying depths to improve the rate of flow along these flood ways; commencing at Kurykendahl on the West and continuing under Gosling Rd to the East and on toward Lake Woodlands.  This is not occurring within the Village of Indian Springs. This improvement will specifically increase the protection of residential properties that backup to the Panther Creek and Panther Branch floodways.
  • Other Issues- Mike Arendes – Will follow up regarding road construction on Woodlands Parkway in Indian Springs Village.

* Adjourn 8:11 p.m. Michael Arendes motioned for the meeting to adjourn, Matt Pounders seconded. The motion was unanimous the meeting closed.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 8th @7pm at The Town Hall building public meeting place

Submitted by Alan Neely

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