Meeting Minutes

April 2018

Indian Springs Village Association (ISVA)
Monthly Board Meeting April 10, 2018
The Woodlands Township Offices, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd.


Board Members: Alan Neely, Mike Arendes, Richie Spurlock, Kelly Sharer, Shanna Davis, Ken Schumann, Carol Stromatt, Richard Stromatt, Michael Saucier, Matt Pounders, Russell Heinen, Tom Brown, Erika Bondy Pratt, John Osborne, Enrique Rosero, Tripp McOmber and Noah McOmber.

Call to Order: 7:04 p.m. Indian Springs acting President Michael Arendes called the meeting to order. Mel Bellinger scholarship Chair for the Women’s Montgomery County Center gave an over view of what they do and how they benefit their clients (battered/abused women and children).

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office: Deputies Stephanie Coroiescu, Kelly Smith, Brady Christiansen, Lieutenant Fitzgerald and Swilling.


* Law Enforcement Report: Deputy Stephanie Corojescu talked to us about the arrests and statistics for the month of March. Indian Springs was still low on DWIs and motor vehicle robberies. Even though there were 2 arrests for family violence.

* The Woodlands Board Recap- John - Planning of the Incorporation Meeting. There is a very detailed study going on currently.


* Candidate- Lorina McGill- Running for State Representative of District 6. Public Education is on her agenda.

* Parks & Rec. – Chris Nunes – They cover 8 divisions (Park Ops, Park Planning, Aquatics, etc.) Discussed park planning, construction, development and programing. Falconwing park was upgraded with LED lighting for the pathway, basketball and tennis courts. There was a discussion of 72 bandit signs being removed in The Woodlands.                               

Call to Order: We started the meeting of the Indian Springs Association at 8:00.


Scholarship- Kelly Sharer- shared a few words about the selection process. Michael Arendes- presented the checks to the following scholarship recipients.  

The scholarship recipients are as follows: Juliana Esparza, Allison Eden, Megan Mize and Jacob (Jake) Teal.

Candidates: Richard Stromatt- Director for Mud 60. Early April 23rd thru End of Month. Regular voting May 5.

* Secretary’s Report: Richard motion to approve the March Minutes and Russell seconded and all agreed.

* Treasurer’s Report: Tom – Spoke with Chase Bank about changing our service plan to one that has a lower fee.

The Woodlands Township: John Osborne- Neighborhood Services Month. This Sat 10-12 at the Gosling Fire Station #8 (11800 Gosling Rd) Hands Only CPR Village Challenge. Sterling Ridge has a fishing tournament (at Pepper Dale Park). Smart Decisions for Safe Driving Event (Sunday, May 6th, 2018 from 2pm-5pm) @ Rob Fleming Rec Center.  

Old / Recurring Business

  • Parks & Recreation Advisory Council update- Michael Saucier- See Chris Nunes notes.
  • RDRC update – Russell Heinen- Had a meeting and they approved a house brick house that was painted.
  • Woodlands Magazine articles- Michael Saucier. Kelly said she will do an article for April and Michael will continue after that. May article mentioned Elementary School Donations. In June, we will be announcing the scholarship winners.
  • Taste of the Village- Application has been submitted to HEB.
  • Earth Day Green Up (March 24, 2018) - Was a very successful event. Thank you to Erika, Richard and Carol for participating. There were 739 participants at the event.

New Business

  • Spring Flea Market (April 14th, 2018). Need Volunteers
  • Service Agreement – From the Township…need to turn the form.
  • Other Issues - July 4th (Theme will be Announced). Unfortunately, Richard Stromatt will be stepping down as the chair for designing and building the 4th of July float. We need a volunteer to head this up.

* Adjourn 8:58 p.m. Richard motioned for the meeting to adjourn, Matt Pounders seconded. The motion was unanimous the meeting closed.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 8th @7pm at The Town Hall building public meeting place.

Submitted by Alan Neely

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