Congratulations to the Winners of the 2012 Holiday Lighting and Decorating Contest

Best House: 
The winner of the 2012 Best House award in Indian Springs goes to 17 Sunshower Court in Peaceful Canyon.

The homeowners of the Best House award were surprised, yet excited to hear that they had won the award this year.  Some of their Peaceful Canyon neighbors had won the honors in year’s past, and they had been aspiring to win as well.  2012 was their year!  Always on the lookout for creative decorating ideas, they recently added a movie of Santa checking his list that can be seen in an upstairs window.

Best Neighborhood:
Mirror Ridge has won the 2012 Best Neighborhood honors.
Mirror Ridge
Picture Top:  The Mirror Ridge kids accept the 2012 Best Neighborhood Award on behalf of Mirror Ridge residents.
Picture Bottom:  Sign designer Andy Martinez poses with one of the "Twelve Days of Christmas" signs that can be seen throughout the neighborhood.

There were many beautiful neighborhoods to drive around in Indian Springs this year.  The committee always has a hard time deciding on the winner of the Best Neighborhood in The Woodlands Township-sponsored 2012 Holiday Lighting and Decorating contest.  This year, the judging committee learned the story of how the Mirror Ridge community came together to celebrate the holidays.  The story of how these neighborhood kids pulled together is very heartwarming, especially in light of the recent tragedy in CT. 

In 2009, Mirror Ridge won the ISVA Best Neighborhood award. It started with a couple of families, a simple little tree design, and materials that could be affordably purchased at Home Depot.  These families reached out to their neighbors to see if they could get neighborhood buy-in on a cohesive design, even offering help building the trees.  The result was a simple, but elegant “forest” of trees lining the neighborhood and resulting in Best Neighborhood awards.  Wanting to reclaim their award-winning status, these neighborhood families again decided it was time to step up their game for the 2012 season.  As a former children’s museum planner, one resident came up with the idea of using billboards or lawn signs, one for each of the 12 Days of Christmas according to the popular holiday song.  Another resident, 17 year old high school senior, Andy Martinez produced the design of the 12 billboards.  He then recruited 15 – 20 neighborhood kids to help him paint the signs.  One little painter was only 5 years old.  If you haven’t yet had the chance to drive around and see all the lights, pack up the family and go.  It is loads of fun!!