Meeting Minutes

January 2019

Indian Springs Village Association (ISVA)
Monthly Board Meeting January 8, 2019
The Woodlands Township Offices, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd. 


Board Members:
Mike Arendes, Kelly Sharer, Tom Brown, Erika Bondy Pratt, Russell Heinen, Carol Stromatt, Richard Stromatt, Matt Pounders, Michael Saucier, Richie Spurlock, Enrique Rosero, and Ken Schumann.
Township: John Osborne and Susan Martin 

Call to Order: Mike Arendes opened the joint meeting at 7:00 p.m. and Alden Bridge MaryAnn Braid was also present. 

Neighbors’ comments: Jeffrey Reeder from Alden Bridge had information on solar panels he is adding to his house. 

Law Enforcement Report: Deputy Stephanie Coroiescu gave us the police information for the month of December. Indian Springs is the lowest in DWI, house burglaries and burglaries of motor vehicles. She had a new chart showing car accident locations and time of day when the accident occurred in both Villages. 

Elected Officials: Mike Arendes offered the floor to the Township Directors present: Carol Stromatt and John Anthony Brown, but they declined saying they will be glad to answer any questions, but didn't have anything new to say. 

Susan Martin - Township talked about the new village challenge: Safe Driving.
Ms Meagan Kamra, "Save 2 Safe" gave us a presentation about the new app and the problems with distracted driving. According to the data; there has been a death in Texas every day for the past 18 years due to distracted driving. The village-to-village challenge will go from February 1st. to October 15th. 2019. To enter we all need to get the Safe 2 Save App. which will give one points when driving 10 miles and over without touching the phone to answer calls. Each Village will have a code (Indian) to enter so once we start the app it will count towards the village challenge.
Mike will tell Trip to put the information on the web site. 

Secretary’s Report: Erika moved to approve the minutes from November sent by Alan, and Kelly seconded and all agreed 

Treasurer’s Report: Tom Brown said we have $3,600.00 from the food proceeds from the Taste of the Village. Tom also said he will take care of the tax return. Mike will collect the CPR challenge check for $300.00 

The Woodlands Township: John Osborne talked about the director's meeting. Enrique asked about the tax rate on the businesses discussed by the Township. Richard answered what he knew and mentioned they followed the rules of agricultural exemption throughout. 

John said the agenda is filling up fast so we need to think on the date for the Taste of the Village. 

Old / Recurring Business
Parks & Recreation Advisory Council
- Michael Saucier 

completed and will open around the end of March. Falconwing Pool will get LED lights. 

said the adventure course is 

We now have 6 different contractors to take care of our landscaping relating to Parks and 

Recreation, this will cut down on the numerous issues relating to one contractor 

managing the entire system. Mike said, since, there are many neighbors concerned about 

the wildlife in The Woodlands, Parks & Recreation is looking to implement an education 

program on wildlife management. Richard mentioned they have moles ruining their yard, 

are trying to get rid of them and implemented a creative solution. They already have the 

first skeleton in the freezer! Mike also mentioned the Spring Creek bike path, which is a 

big project and will give us many miles to bike on. Chris Nunes will talk to us in the 

February meeting about the Parks & Recreations needs assessment and there will be a 

survey posted before that. We should encourage our neighbors to participate in the 


RDRC Update – Russell Heinen - No meeting was held.
Law Enforcement Board - Ken talked about prevention. Don't give the opportunity to 

the thief, in order to tackle the problem. Don't leave the purse or valuables in the car, etc. 

Woodlands Magazine - Michael Saucier. will be talking about Indian Springs winning second place in the CPR Challenge and about this year Scholarships. 

ISVA Website – Tripp McOmber was absent. Mike will talk to him. 

New Business
Holiday Lighting
– Russell Heinen it was great success! Mike Arendes thanked everybody who participated. 

Holiday Gathering: Mike thanked the Sauciers for hosting the Christmas Party at their house. 

Scholarship Committee- Kelly said she changed the wording of the application a little. Key dates: 3/18/2019 Application due back to the high schools' counselors or postmarked.
3/28 the Committee will meet. 

4/1 Recipients will be notified.
4/10 Recipients attend ISVA board meeting. Mike Arendes said they could come at 7:00 p.m. with their parents. 

Other Issues: 

Mike Arendes reminded all who need to file for their position, to do so. He informed us that Shanna will not run as she will be traveling more and Alan moved out of the village as well as Tom. Matt will run for the secretary position but we need someone to take the Treasurer's position. Ken is back but we will need three more people. He asked everybody to encourage neighbors to run for the board. 

Enrique read the following statement: 

I joined this board two years ago, hoping to improve my neighborhood and community. 

I had collected feedback from over 20 residents on the hazards posed by unlawful fireworks, how it affects young families, pets, and veterans suffering from PTSD and I came to the meeting to urge our representatives to take action. Later, I watched President Arendes address the Township Board on the issue. He devoted full 5 seconds to it: "some people are upset about fireworks". 

I realized that I could appeal to myself to the Township, lobby decision makers, and direct claims to the appropriate entities, and so I have been able to accomplish the following: 

*Reforestation of trees wrecked during upgrades to Hazelcrest Park play structure. *Drainage of stagnant water along Flintridge by Forestgate Park.
*Repair of broken waterlines along Hazescrest Drive. 

Without on boarding, new member orientation, or a written business plan, it wasn't clear to me what this board was set to accomplish. In multiple occasions I was told the purpose isn't to just throw the Taste of the Village and apportion scholarships, yet what I've learnt in these couple of years is that this body could as well meet only twice a year: once to approve a budget - including the scholarships, and another to organize the Taste of the Village, and the residents of our Village wouldn't notice. 

I wish this board would be a better advocate for the residents of Indian Springs. This stale agenda never changes and there haven't been initiatives discussed to address issues meaningful to residents at all. I've tried to bring up and failed to gain traction on topics related to outreach to residents, improved involvement on current issues, and better representation of our diversity. 

I will continue to seek the betterment of my neighborhood and community by participating as I have done as a concerned resident and not as a member of this board. Consequently, I will not seek reelection. I wish you good luck and I thank you for your service. 

Adjourn: Mike motioned for the meeting to adjourn at 8:30 and Erika seconded. The motion was unanimous and the meeting closed. 

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at The Woodlands Township Offices, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd. 

Submitted by Erika Bondy Pratt