Meeting Minutes

March 2019

Indian Springs Village Association (ISVA)

Monthly Board Meeting March 5th, 2019

The Woodlands Township Offices, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd.






Board Members: Mike Arendes, Michael Saucier, Fred McOmber, Erika Pratt, Richie Spurlock, Ken Schumann, Russell Heinen, Kelly Sharer, Ree Belhumeur


Township: John Osborne


Call to Order: Mike Arendes called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm.


Guest Speakers:

- Law Enforcement Report: 2 new deputies will be joining the force this month. Deputy Stephanie Coroiescu reported on DWI, PI, NARCS, MV accidents for the month. Minimal change from previous report.

- CERT: Tom Schwarzkopf provided a briefing on the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program. Discussed its purpose and value brought to community. Rainfall slightly elevated throughout county, cited resources used to track those intensities. Up and coming events for certification provided and posted on IVSA website, found under Home - special events tabs.


Secretary’s Report: No report, Erika Pratt and Russell Heinen approved last months minuets.


Treasurer’s Report: No report. 


Woodlands Township Report: John Osborne provided details on Green up and E- Prep dates, more information provided on website.

- Taste of the Village set for October 12th 2019


Neighborhood Services Report: No report.


Old / Recurring Business:

- Parks & Rec: Michael Saucier noted spray grounds now open throughout woodlands. Needs Assessment currently looking for more community respondents, needs at least 2000. Adventure coarse opening mid April in Creekside Village.

- RDRC: No report.

- Law Enforcement Advisory Committe: No report.

- Woodlands Magazine Article: Mike Saucier solicited for ideas for upcoming article. Taste of Village and Hurricane prep noted.

-ISVA Website: Fred McOmber talked about continued content support for website interest. Future abilities for website and community involvement.

-Scholarship Committee: Kelly Sharer talked about deadline for applicants, and set date for review.  Scholarships to be awarded next board meeting.

-Safe Driving Village Challenge: Drivers and village residents continue to compete. Several board members competing. 


New Business: Spring flea market April 20th, Mike Arendes looking for more volunteers. Erika Pratt is working Green-up March 23rd 2019 from 8am-1pm.


Adjourn: Mike Arendes motioned for the meeting to adjourn at 8:22 pm and Ree Belhumeur seconded. The motion was unanimous and the meeting was closed.


Next Meeting: April 9th 2019 at 7:00 pm