Meeting Minutes

January 2020

Indian Springs Village Association (ISVA)

Monthly Board Meeting January 14, 2020

The Woodlands Township Offices, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd.



Board Members: Mike Arendes, Matt Pounders, Richie Spurlock, Ken Schumann, Richard Stromatt, Carol Stromatt, Kelly Sharer, Erika Pratt, Ree Belhumeur

Township: John Osborne

Call to Order: MaryAnn Braid opened the joint meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Law Enforcement Report: Specialist Stephanie Holman provided the law enforcement report for the month of December.  Indian Springs had 4 DWI, 1 public intoxication, no narcotics arrest, no criminal mischief, 4 burglary of a motor vehicle, no burglary of a building and no home burglary. 

There were 19 vehicle crashes this month across Indians Springs. 

Neighbors’, Elected Officials and Candidates Comments:

Ann Snyder spoke and covered key information from recent township meetings – 

  • She introduced the Woodlands Fire Chief, Palmer Buck who recently arrived from Austin
  • The new section of the George Mitchell Preserve connecting to Burrow’s park will be opening soon. There is also an upcoming reforestation event on February 8 and Arbor Day is January 25 in Northshore Park
  • The Ice Rink will be closing on January 20
  • Forest Gate Park Improvements for fencing and lights will be completed in 2nd quarter; Falconwing Park improvements are being considered at the next township meeting 
  • Last weekend, invasive vines were removed along Rush Haven
  • The commissioners are currently engaged in discussions and reviewing options for control of feral hogs
  • There will be an incorporation planning study tomorrow evening to discuss options for law enforcement. In order to call a vote in election in the fall, the announcement must be announced by August. 
  • The Randall’s grocery store closings will be on the township agenda for next week

Tachus Fiber Internet provided Information on their current efforts in the Woodlands. They are a local company located in The Woodlands and have been providing service in Shenendoah for approximately 5 years. They will be contacting villages and securing $20 deposits from resident to evaluate interest before starting construction. If threshold is met, then will pass every home with fiber. If threshold is not met, deposits will be refunded. Permitting and construction lasts approx 3-4 months.

Flyers will be outgoing to Indian Springs within the next couple of days and the deadline for response will be March 30th. On January 30 (5:30 and 7pm), there will be a town hall to answer questions. 

Caroline Newman from the Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. on creating a community solar array initiative. They are working with Solar United Neighbors and are currently discussing with Entergy and the PUC. Residents can show support with

An Alden Bridge resident spoke on the accident site at Branch Crossing and Research. He propose to get rid of blinking yellow. Alden Bridge representatives recommended to send to Commissioner Riley for changes.

Secretary’s Report: November meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Non-profit Status – Tom completed the additional paperwork for approval as a 501c4 and IRS has cashed the check. The Secretary of State rejected the paperwork change for the registered agent and will need to resubmitted. ISVA has received the annual check from the township. 

The Woodlands Township:  John Osborne distributed recent township minutes and The Woodlands Township list of events and recommended getting Taste of the Village 2020 on the calendar now.

Old / Recurring Business: 

Parks & Recreation Advisory Council – no meeting was held in December

RDRC Update – one house was discussed with by the volunteers and recommended that improvements should be approved by the DSC as a variance.


Law Enforcement Board – no report

Woodlands Magazine – Will include a write-up on ISVA scholarship application details and past winners. 

ISVA Website – no report

February Election – All forms must be submitted by January 16. Russ will not be running again; JP Garcia who will be submitting paperwork for the upcoming election. 

Waterwise Village Challenge – Indian Springs is in last place with 12 submitted

New Business

  • Scholarship Committee – Deadline for submission is March 17. Will be submitting to College Park, Woodlands High and John Cooper tomorrow. The selection committee will meet on Sunday March 29 for review and selection.
  • Kelly received a letter from Galatas requesting funding this year. Will review next meeting for both elementary schools.

Other Issues:  None

Adjourn: Mike motioned for the meeting to adjourn at 8:20 and Matt seconded. The motion was unanimous and the meeting closed.

NEXT MEETING:  February 11, 2020 at 7:00 pm. at The Woodlands Township Offices.

Submitted by Matt Pounders