Meeting Minutes

November 2020

Indian Springs Village Association (ISVA)

Monthly Board Meeting November 10, 2020

The Woodlands Township Offices, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd.




Board Members: Matt Pounders, Ken Schumann, Richie Spurlock, Carol Stromatt, Michael Saucier, Ree Belhumeur, Tom Brown

Township: John Osborn


Call to Order: Michael Saucier opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.


Law Enforcement Report: Specialists Carlos Tavarez and Cody McKee provided the law enforcement report for the month of October. Indian Springs had no DWI, no public intoxication, 2 narcotics arrest, no criminal mischief, 1 burglary of a motor vehicle, 1 burglary of a building and no home burglary. There were 8 vehicle crashes this month across Indians Springs. 

MCSO has started a new program for training in autism and brought decals that will be placed on vehicles and homes. Homes can also be registered with the MCSO and about half of the staff has completed the training and remainder to complete by April and May. 

Residents were also reminded to complete their 9 o’clock routines and to not fall for scams with payments in cash or gift cards. Also, if residents enroll with the MCSO app they can receive alerts and notifications.


Bob Dailey with Woodlands Water spoke on the water meter replacement projecttotal project cost for all of The Woodlands is $1.54M with savings of approx $1.52M and additional increase in revenue in future years. The new systems will allow residents to get up to the minutes water use and they expect to complete the project by end of Q2 2021. Residents will receive door hangers prior to start of the work and installation will take approx 30 minutes with water service affected for about 15 minutes. Meter usage will be available through Woodlands Water Watersmart customer portal. More information is available at 


Neighbors’, Elected Officials and Candidates Comments: None


Secretary’s Report: October meeting minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Tom Brown provided the report. 

  • Carol has resigned from the role of treasurer and Ken has agreed to serve as an interim treasurer
  • Ken to complete paperwork for the service agreement.


The Woodlands Township:  John Osborne distributed The Woodlands Township list of events and guidelines for the holiday lighting competition. 


Old / Recurring Business: 

Parks & Recreation Advisory Council – LED lights are being installed in Forestgate Park. Treeventures’ revenue topping $250K for the year. The Ice Rink opens on Nov 21.


RDRC Update – Ken provided a report for the two RDRCs within Indian Springs. 

  • WCA currently has no representation and thus no RDRC (east of Falconwing), with no meetings for WCA since 2019; DSC making all decisions in the meantime
  • TWA continues to meet but requests additional representatives. 
  • Openings will be mentioned in 2021 for upcoming elections


Law Enforcement Board – The board had their quarterly meeting and much of the discussion was around traffic light violations and vehicles with stickers advertising of gun ownership leading to break-ins of vehicles.


Woodlands Magazine – Article will be for January and will include call for volunteers for ISVA and RDRC and election discussion


ISVA Website – no report


Scholarship Committee – no report



New Business

  • 3R Drive-Thru Event November 14, 2020; additional information will be available at
  • ISVA Representative Recruitment – all ideas welcome for recruitment
  • Holiday Lighting Committee – Michael will head the committee this year and allocate zones for review
  • Other Issues


Adjourn: Carol motioned for the meeting to adjourn at 8:17 and Matt seconded. The motion was unanimous and the meeting closed.


NEXT MEETING: December 8, 2020 at 7:00 pm over Zoom.


Submitted by Matt Pounders